About the Ranch

Garrett Ranch Ltd. is a family-owned Horned Hereford cattle ranch near Landis, SK.

The ranch was founded when William Garrett Senior purchased the Garrett homestead in 1904. The first Horned Hereford bull was purchased by Arthur and his son Verne in the early 1950s and the ranch has been using Hereford bulls ever since. The commercial Hereford herd has been around since the 1950s and the purebred herd since the 1960s.

Currently, the ranch is managed by Bill, Wes and Dustin.  Bill’s son Luke,  Wes’ wife Bernie, sons Dustin (April), Cody & Austin (Isabelle), as well as extended family members, help when and where help is needed on the Ranch.

Easy-fleshing docile cattle, with particular attention paid to feet and udders, are the emphasis of our breeding program. Each year we calve out around 450 straight-bred and purebred Horned Hereford cows. The calves are weaned in late October. Less than 1/3 of the purebred bull calves are kept as bulls, with quality being of utmost importance.

Heifers are fed a suitable ration for fertility with most of them being retained in our cow herd or sold as breeding stock.

Steers are fed a growing ration and sold as yearlings the following spring.

We are currently marketing our Bulls and Commercial bred heifers by private treaty.